Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Creation

I took this while driving across the Mobile Bay on afternoon with the family. I love sunsets! I'm amazed at how beautiful our God can make things. The light shines through the clouds just right and hits the water just right. How can we not believe there is a high power-God- everyday?

I'm thankful for God's beauty in creation. I love nature and taking photos. No matter what you look at in nature it has God's hand prints all over it. What is amazing,is we are part of that creation. God made us beautiful too! What is more pleasing to our Father,than seeing His children walk in that beauty? I think nothing. Lynn @ Spiritually Unequal Marriage has been our host for this month of July. Check out her awesome picture and post today. Have a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. Agreed....when we look around us it is hard to deny that God is showing us His existence in just about everything!

  2. gorgeous! He is incredible isn't he?

  3. Oh Heather,

    This photo is stunning. I wish I had been there to see it as well. Sometime I see such beauty and just am deeply moved by our Lord.

    Awesome. Have a great TT. Hugs, Lynn

  4. Great picture of God's Awesomeness!
    Just makes ya go WOW!
    Happy TT

  5. I am thankful for His beauty also.


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