Monday, July 12, 2010

At the Well- If We Are the Body?

Join Gina our host At the Well for the We Are the Body study! She has some great insights today about the crucified life we are called to live.

We are called to live the “crucified” life.  What does this look like to you? How does this play out in your daily life?

A crucified life to me is not just on Sunday or when others are watching,it is a daily thing, even when you are at home all by yourself. Crucifying in my mind is to die to self. If my self wants to watch this sitcom,but it goes against God's Word or teaching,then I should crucify my self/flesh and not watch it. If my self wants to say something bad about my husband because he made me mad,but it is obvious in God's Word to turn the other cheek and love him, then I should do so and crucify my self. Our flesh is naturally stronger than our Spirit. We have to work at getting our Spirit stronger by prayer and time in the Word. 

I am a stay at home Mother of 2 little boys. Daniel is 2 1/2 and Aaron is 8 1/2 months and they require a lot of attention like all kids. So I don't get much time to myself AT all. My husband has crazy shifts and needs sleep to do his job. There are times where I get annoyed and frustrated and just want to throw my hands up,but that would be selfish of me. I used to think I had that right,but as Gina posted the quote from Beth Moore, I have no rights except to be filled with the Spirit and led by the Spirit. I also get so frustrated with my husband's job,I saw we have a love/hate relationship. He gives more than he gets it seems. I am learning to hold my tongue and crucify the flesh when I want to say negative things about his job. When I do get a time of peace and quiet I am tempted to turn on the t.v. and catch some news (we're big huge news people) or see if John Hagee or Charles Stanley is preaching on t.v. I have been trying to not do that and just pick up my Bible and a notebook. I would benefit from the preaching,but the quiet time to just read the Word and write down prayers is more important for me right now. Crucifying our self is not easy at all. Not when your self cries what about me?! I think mine cries that out a lot!! In the mornings when I just want to get a shower before I start the day,but Aaron is crying for a nap and Daniel is wanting more drink. Or when I really want to just lay down while Aaron naps,but there are things my husband has asked me to do. My latest thing is, not staying out to hear the sermon. We don't leave our babies in the nursery or even toddlers until they are 2 or older. So I stay in the nursery with Aaron because he gets so loud. My self cries out BUT I haven't sat through a whole church service since 2008!! I just want to sit through worship and preaching!! But I am taking care of my baby and I get to fellowship with other believers,so it isn't that bad is it?  At first I thought it was! I thought what good is it for me to just go straight to the nursery? But God will use me where I am at for the time being. It's hard! But our Lord came to be a Servant and we are called to serve too!

I pray you are blessed by the study today and everyone's thoughts!


  1. Excellent post. I think parenthood is one of the Lord's ways of teaching us to die to self; sometimes we can rationalize not serving other adults, who can take care of themselves, but our children can't.

    I like that you choose to read the Bible and write down prayers rather than watch a sermon. I think we do learn more by taking an active role in studying the Word, and you know what God is leading you to do.

  2. Nice post.

    Can you not keep the boys out in the service with you? As Josh's church (which I love) they do family worship and the whole family stays together for the entire service, even the kids and babies. That's the way it always was for such a long time. Kids are taught to learn and respect the Word being preached. I know a lot of churches frown on having kids in the main service though. I hate that! That's one reason we've had such a hard time finding a church that is family friendly, not one that wants to separate the family like that.

  3. Melissa- I agree that kids can help you to learn to die to self!! I think God desires it too!

    Hollie- The church we go to is Southern Baptist and we love it,but they aren't big on noise from kids. They'd rather them be in back until 5,which is something I don't like. I think if the baby or child is very upset then yeah you go to the foyer or whatever to calm them down,but initially like them out front.

  4. You are such a strong woman! I know it's hard to sacrifice and crucify ourselves but God definitely sees what you're doing and will bless you.

  5. Struggling with selfishness is something that is always at the forefront. We really do need to die to self if we are to shine for Christ. Oh, there are days when I struggle with this so intensely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject.


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