Thursday, June 5, 2014

Doing the Unlikely For Our Husband

Have you ever done something for your husband that wasn't quiet your cup of tea? Maybe riding motorcycles, hunting, golfing,or going to an art museum. Last summer I did something I have never done... I went on a canoeing trip. It was all in the name of love,for my husband of course. Our Pastor's wife set up a canoe trip for the younger couples in our church. My husband had off and mentioned he would like us to go. I sort of panicked inwardly. I kept seeing myself flipping out of the canoe and a huge alligator coming after me or hitting my head on the rocks. When it came down to the wire I decided I should do it. 

I'm writing over at The Imperfect Wives today. Come join us as we celebrate Father's this month!

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