Saturday, June 25, 2011


These are some photos my friend Amy took in May. She is taking photography classes so I let her practice on me. She is a natural anyway,so I can't wait until she gets more knowledge about it all. 

These are photos I have taken the last month or so.

My love and myself outside playing with the boys.

                                                                Aaron being silly,as always.

Aaron smiling away.

My little Sheriff,Aaron.

Daddy playing with the boys.

They got into a little bit of mud with some friends. 

Aaron and Daddy.

Daniel the soldier and Aaron the Sheriff. Love the look on Aaron's face.

Papa handcuffing Aaron.

Daniel and Daddy looking good!

Sweet times.

My handsome Daniel Paul.

He loves building with his blocks.

He fell off his dump truck while playing. He's a trip.

Playing ball with Daddy.

Our little pitcher.

Mama and Daniel.

Our little Confederate soldier.

Aaron and Rocko.

Brothers riding Bullseye.

Love that grin!

My boys. All so handsome!!

Daniel and his I'm through with pictures smile.

38 weeks,this past week it was taken.

Watching some t.v. while Daddy naps.

He likes to push the trike.

Aaron and Daddy,too sweet.

Love this picture of them playing.

Aaron can push big brother around,it's funny.

Playing in the mud.

Aaron and cousin Savannah.

Playing some more in the dirt.

Love this picture!

Love this picture too. Uncle Wesley with his 2 kids and Papa.

Asher,my nephew playing.

The kids playing.

Landon,my nephew playing ball.

Love how the sun is in this one.

Mimi and Savannah,my niece.

Little Miss with her cup and purse.

Aaron figured out how to shoot water out of the gun,too cute!

Daniel took a fall ha! Aaron wasn't sure yet.

Playing at Aunt Haley's.

Swimming at Papa's.

Cousins,Daniel and Landon.

Marley,my niece, taking a slide.

Tabitha,my oldest niece,at Papa's swimming.

These are my boys,along with my brother's girls and boy and my sister's girl and boy. The time has really flown by. My boys are growing up too fast also. I love taking photos! This doesn't put a dent in what I take,but all I can share for now.


  1. Lovely photos!! You look amazing, Heather! I hope I look that good at 38 weeks!! I am starting to feel like a balloon!!

  2. You are beautiful Heather! I love the ones your friend took. And I cannot believe how big your boys are! I thought Aaron was Daniel at first.

  3. I'm honored that my wife will get to make the official Bloop announcement! And I was tickled pink when Hollie explained to me that you're naming your son after Stonewall Jackson (hmmm...I wonder if I can convince her to do likewise one day...hmmm).

    I don't know if Hollie ever told you, but my great-great grandfather served under Gen. Jackson during the War Between the States. 4th Virginia Infantry regiment. Jackson was a great Virginian and a great Southerner. I can only hope my future son(s) will emulate his Christian character.


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