Monday, February 7, 2011

Some pictures for your enjoyment!

This is me at 18 weeks(last week). I look similar to how I did with Aaron,all belly! Little Johnathan is growing  a lot I believe ha!

Daniel's 3rd Birthday:
These are just some of the pictures I took. We just celebrated with our little family. 

Daniela and Daddy. And of course his Wild West guns!

He very much enjoyed his cake!

He found this talking Jessie doll on sale and bought it with the money from Papa & Mimi.

He thinks he's a real Sheriff now! He's a cute one!

Last,but not least,his firetruck! He has been wanting one for awhile!

Our handsome 3 year old.

They did a great job on his cake and oh it was so yummy!

Mama and her baby,first born anyways!

Aaron has fun eating that cake too!!


  1. You do look just like did with you with Aaron -- which is adorable! :) Daniel is such a cute little guy! Looks like he had a great birthday.

  2. HEATHER!! You are soooooo unbelievably gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your baby bump :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! You look beautiful ... just radiant!

    Daniel's cake looks terrific, and I know he'll have fun with that fire truck. My son had the same (or a similar) one when he was that age. :)

  4. What a cute baby bump and an adorable big brother!

  5. Happy belated Birthday to Sherriff Daniel!

    Great photos!

  6. I can't believe Daniel is 3. He's looking like such a big boy!


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