Monday, December 20, 2010

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Sadly this will be one of my last entries. We are cutting off our internet and t.v. It is the best way to cut down on costs. It is just something we have to do right now. I will miss all of you dearly. You can find me on twitter (HeatherKae27) or email me . I love writing,but right now I cannot do it as I wish and the internet just sits being unused. I will have internet service on my phone and can email and twitter there. I can comment from my husband's lap top,but I can't write an entry,not sure why. So you may hear from me through comments.

I wanted to share how we keep Christ in Christmas and link up with At the Well.

This week we are going to share a way that we keep CHRIST in Christmas. How does this look in your life? Do you do something with your church? Do you do something as a family? This week will truly be special, because we will get ideas of how to keep the true meaning of Christmas in our communities, homes, and hearts!

We always watch a movie about the birth of Jesus. It is something we love to do. We also read the story of his birth Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We have wanted to do shoe boxes,but haven't yet. When our kids came in the picture I wanted them to know Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Christ and it's not about presents. So I found a Jesse Tree. I printed out the ornaments and have been doing that with Daniel. It has scripture and the meaning of the ornament for each day. He really has learned a lot for an almost 3 year old. He loves doing it too. I have been receiving Advent emails from Bible Gateway and it's been very awesome. Next year I plan for us to do it as a family more. I want to find an Advent Calender and do candles. I love reading and gleaning on the coming of the Messiah. We are also going to do a birthday cake for Jesus,which Daniel is so excited about! That is what we have been doing so far. We also go to church and they do Advent candles and scripture every Sunday night. I love it! 

Next year, I would like too do some shoe boxes and an angel tree. I want my boys(and the baby when he/she is older) to see it is more important to give. Yes, we bought them presents,but I haven't been centering Christmas Day around that. I have been telling Daniel on Christmas Day we will sing to Jesus and have him a cake. I keep telling him we celebrated and give because we have been given much. He has the same love for Christmas as I did growing up and still do. It's amazing watching things through my children's eyes. 

So what do you do? Share with us! Have a Merry Christ filled Christmas!!


  1. I will miss your entries! But I understand. I am so glad we can keep in touch via email at least!

    What movie do you watch about the birth of Christ?

  2. Sorry, Heather, that you won't be posting for now, but I'm glad you'll still be twittering and emailing!

    We try to keep the focus on Christ during Christmas Day as well. My husband always reads the Christmas story before we open any gifts. We also always have a birthday cake for Jesus. (It's usually always a Texas Sheet cake - we just know that Jesus is a lover of chocolate, too!)

  3. I'll miss your posts, but would like to keep in touch with you. I'm not on Twitter but we can email.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. I'll miss your posts! I understand, though, and I'm glad you'll still be online.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I'll miss you! I hope we can stay in touch on Twitter! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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