Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost A New Year

I can't believe it is only days away from being 2011. Wow. This year has went by so slow,but at the same time went by so very fast. It was a particularly hard year for me and still has been. It's not been a worse,just hard. A lot of trials and self-discovery. That's why I said hard,not worse. Trials and finding out more about yourself are probably two of the most effective ways God can draw us to Him.

I hope to sit and write down a few goals for the new year. I have done this since 2005 and really enjoy it. I seem so scatter brained with being a young Mother of young children. Most days I just want a bath and to be able to see my floor in the apartment. Tis a season that will pass,more quickly than I realize I think.

I turned 27. My oldest son turned 2. We got a used SUV. We had snow. A dear friend and mentor passed away. I became pregnant again. My youngest turned 1. That's just some of the things that happened this past year. We made mistakes and we conquered new ground. It's all a part of living and learning. We have dreams of moving back "home" near our families,but it has to be part of God's will for us. It would truly be a miracle if this happened for us. We shall see what God has in store for us in the near future.

Some of our year in pictures! If I really think about my life,I am blessed. I am blessed more than I think I should be. I have a Savior who still calls to me even when I don't answer. I have a God who sees fit to give me things that I know I do not deserve. I have a husband who is the most amazing man God could have given me. I have 2 beautiful boys that adore me and that I adore. I have another little one on the way to hold,kiss,and sing too. Really....what do I have to complain about? Not a lot compared to what I have not to complain about. Thank You,Lord. Keep me humble. Keep me pure. Keep me focused on You and my blessings. In Jesus Name,Amen!


  1. Heather, whenever I read your blog and see pictures of your family, it makes me happy. Happy to see a young family living for God and doing their best. It brings back such memories for me for when my kids were small. Yes, we had a lot of struggles then, but they were nothing in comparison to the blessings! Snuggle those precious babies close to you while you can!

  2. You had such a full and blessed year Heather! I am praying 2011 is full of joy in Christ for you and your family :)


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