Friday, February 26, 2010

God With Us

I am really being blessed by the study we are doing online with the ladies At the Well. Jenifer @ By His Grace is leading the study and it's so great! If you haven't been doing it,I would check it out,it's a blessing!

This week we discussed Immanuel, God with us. How powerful is that name and it's meaning? God with us. It still boggles my mind that such a big,powerful God is with me a small,sinful woman. It's amazing!! I love Christmas time,I think it's my favorite time of the year. My favorite part is that we set aside the 25th of December to celebrate the birth of Christ. I also love the feeling that is in the air. It's hard to describe,but it's so joyful to me! Without Jesus' birth, there would have been no one to redeem us,to be our kinsman redeemer! So I love that we set aside this day to celebrate that and this season to focus on that. I believe we should remember it all the time,but I think setting aside this one special day for it it wonderful! It's not about the presents we get or give,it's about Jesus and his birth. But we give out of the love we have for the people we are getting for. Sometimes we even buy and give to those we really don't know,but isn't that showing God's love? I just love it!

I'm so glad that Jesus is our kinsman redeemer! Have you let Jesus redeem you? He's waiting!!


  1. A beautiful Redeemer is He!!!

    I love your new blog!! It's so springy. Makes me smile. :o)

    Be sure to link up to At the Well so that others can come by and check out your new site.


    By His Grace,

  2. This Scripture is one I also love - God With Us! It is almost too wonderful to wrap my mind around, but a powerful promise to claim. I also love the Christmas spirit - the joy in the air! Thanks for sharing this, it was beautiful. So is your new blog!

  3. Amen my friend! I lov ethis scripture. I love the thought of God being with us at all times. Makes the lonely moments not quite so lonely!


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