Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Love Going Strong

Today marks eight years that I said 'I Do' to my awesome husband. Eight years ago on a cold December morning in our first home (apartment) we vowed to love one another no matter what.

No matter how we felt

No matter how we looked

No matter how things were going

No matter what came our way

I can say that we have done that. We're still together. We're still loving one another, forgiving one another, laughing with one another, getting frustrated with one another, and praying for one another. We're definitely not perfect. We sin. We aren't always nice or happy, but we're growing. We're learning, living, and loving. I love this man more now than I ever knew I could. A man I never saw as a romantic interest. A man who I grew to love and who grew to love me.

We've had some hard things happen to us in these eight years. Many schools and trainings for him and pregnancies for me can wear on a couple. Missed holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries due to work can put distance between a husband and wife. We're not a couple untouched by tragedy, disappointment, or struggles.

Our foundation is what keeps us together. 

Our choice to keep open communication with the Lord and each other keeps us together. Choosing every day to forgive the wrongs and embrace the rights. It's not easy. It's messy, but it's beautiful. Two lives being merged together with failure and success. Two becoming one in more than a physical way. Marriage is a sacred thing. It's so precious. I love the man God has given me. I love how we compliment each other, how we push each other, and how we love each other. I so don't deserve this man in my life, he's way too good to me, yet God saw fit to write our love story. It's not finished yet, it's only really beginning. Finding your soul mate is only the beginning of the story. I pray we let Him finish our story well.

I encourage you ladies (and men) to love your spouse well. See them as God sees them. Pray for them. Kiss them long and passionately. Hug and snuggle together. Laugh together and grow together. Don't let the struggles hinder you, just push through and press on.

Here's to a lifetime of growing old with my man.

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