Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer break here we come!

I've been pretty quiet lately. It seems life just picked up again. Times and seasons change so often in life,it seems even more so when you are raising children. It's turned summer here,though it's not officially summer until June. Hot and humid are not my favorite combinations. We are almost done with schooling. I am as excited as the boys are for it to be summer break. I won't get the pleasure of sleeping in,but I will have that free time that school usually takes up, only to be taken up by something else I am sure. The boys are growing so fast and learning so much. Daniel is 5 1/2 and is officially potty trained in all areas. He's been day trained since he was about 3. Now he is night trained and no longer needs a pull up. He is growing so much. He's so smart and talkative. He's like his Mama,a social bug. He loves to draw and loves anything Military related. It's amazing to watch him grow. Aaron is 3 1/2 and acts much older than that. He is a comical one. He loves to sing and dance too. He told me the other day he was going to be a worship leader. It made my heart smile. He already can recognize all his ABC's and his coloring in the lines has improved also. He loves cars,trucks,tractors,and anything that goes vroom. He is a little boy through and through. He is a tender child too,so sweet. Johnathan,aka Binky, is 23 months. He will hit the big 2 June 29th. Wow. He has grown so much in the last couple months. He is potty training and doing so well. He started about 3 months ago on his own. He is getting to the point where he knows when he needs to go. He even wakes up some mornings dry. He amazes me to be his age and be able to comprehend what he does. I know it's because of his brothers. He is saying words and even has put short sentences together like "I want that Mommy." or "I want down." He is a mixture of the oldest two. He is comical,outgoing,quiet,loud,and sweet. He loves horses,particularly the Black Stallion series. Oh my. He is just plain adorable!

We are still living in our small apartment, not sure what we will do about living. We may stay here and we may not. Sort of in a waiting period I guess. It can be frustrating,but whatever God wants we will do. Sometimes it is so hard to know what He wants. So we go with our peace. We had a chance on a home last summer and once we got into the process of it,we had no peace. So we backed off. We're trying to be content where we are because God is still blessing us here. It seems when you try to be content you are tested. That is not an easy thing at all. This week has been our first week in 3 weeks without something going wrong at the apartment. It can almost make you want to give up,but we didn't. We can't really. We are too determined to loose the fight. Our boys are fighters too and I love it. We are instilling them the values that used to and still is (but far and few between) be instilled in children. Hard work, love much, and follow Jesus. Simple, yet profound. I love to home school because I can impart in them things that will be there forever. I get too make an impact close and personal with 2 human souls. What a job! I fail so many times,but I ask for grace and strength to do the task set before me. I am blessed to have a man by my side that wants what I want for our boys and future. I couldn't ask for better that's for sure. He is the perfect match for me.

Our church family is incredible too.We love our small yet giving church. Our Pastor is an anointed man of God. He's so shy until he is preaching. When he is preaching the Spirit of God is speaking through him. He's one of a kind now days. Our boys are making friends and learning more in children's church and teaching others too. It feels good to be back in a body of believers. It's not a perfect church and if it were we would have to go or else we'd mess it up. It's an imperfect body of believers serving a perfect God.

That's our life right now. Raising children for the glory of God!

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